Programs and experiences for individuals and small groups.
For those who are ready to commit to personal transformation, I offer highly customized individual and small group experiences in three key areas: Liberty Practice , Gestalt Riding™ , and Equine Gestalt Coaching – or any combination of these as needed.

I also offer private lessons and group classes, both mounted and on the ground, for equestrians seeking to improve their performance and alignment, while building a deeper relationship with their horse.

My approach integrates aspects of the whole equestrian partnership: mind, body and spirit; honoring the wisdom of both horse and human. All my programs are experiential in nature, and incorporate somatic awareness, neurolinguistics, and biomechanics combined with intuition, observation, and heart-centered connection. This comprehensive approach empowers my clients to build collaborative and joyful relationships with all parts of themselves, and with their horses, and to achieve powerful transformations both in the saddle and on the ground – within and beyond the arena.

Scheduled Events.
In addition to my ongoing private individual and small group programs, my calendar includes a number of scheduled events. Check out my Events page to learn about, or register for, an upcoming workshop, class or retreat.  

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“My EGCM session with Emily was just what I needed to let go of some hurt and pain of divorce.”
~ Lin H., Georgia

“After my Gestalt Riding session with you this morning, Shenango and I rode in the big arena and found our groove. He went so well I had goosebumps! Emily you rock!!”
~ Norma G., Arizona

To find out which program is right for you, schedule a no-obligation clarity call with me, where we can discuss your objectives and recommend a path forward.

Questions about logistics? Check out these Frequently Asked Questions or set up a call with me to discuss your needs!

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